Martin (Teddy) Testar is a London based DOP with experience of shooting commercials, features, artists films and music videos.   Bringing ideas to reality his extensive knowledge of studio/location lighting and elaborate camera movement is the key. He is a collaborative problem solver. Uniquely he owns a Red Helium 8K S35 DSMC2 along with lenses, monitors and all accessories plus Black Magic Pocket Camera and full Super 16mm camera kit

Martin's Mobile:
+44 (0)7798 524040

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1 x Red Helium 8K S35 DSMC2 with complete accessories, lenses, monitors, Odyssey 7Q,  heads, legs, magliner, laptop etc.

1 x Black Magic Pocket Camera (Super 16mm sized sensor) with PL mount for Martin’sSuper 16mm lenses

1 x 16mm Arri SR with colour video tap and full array of Super 16mm lenses