Latest Work


'SNP' ppb   'Our Children'  2.40"      2017
d Will Atkinson & Jim Downie          p Greenroom Films
Red Epic W   50fps

'De Beers Forevermark' commercial          2017
d Jack Laurance                                   p Armoury                        
All in camera....  CG at conclusion emphasising the perfect 'compass' form within the diamond.

History Channel Titles (3 of 6)                              2017                    
d Dan Capstick                                        p Dixon Baxi
Martin shot the high speed elements with a Phantom

'PEG'                                       2017
d. Jack Laurance                    p Armoury                        
Influential commercial for 'start up'
Red Dragon

'And If In A Thousand Years' (first m. of 22m. film)       2017
d Patrick Hough                 p Film and Video Umbrella
Red Epic W   High sensitivity of this camera enabled macro shot of pupil reflecting image from a screen


'Mister Hare'                     2015
d Gäelle Denis                 p Nexus
Red Dragon                    Rear Projection

Mind Enterprises 'Chapita'  360º          2016
d Eran Amir                                           p Nexus VR Studio
Martin developed rig with Ronford Baker for this single camera 360º film. Operate 360º by symbol/control in top left hand corner (laptops only)
Red Dragon


Vitality Health 'Jonny Wilkinson'            2015
d Calle Astrand                                      p Bootleg
Red Epic Dragon

'Big Bang' 90s. of 5m. film
d Ori Gersht            p FVU       
2 x Phantom 1,500fps

Hunter S/S 2016 commercial
d Mat Maitland                p Big Photographic
Red Dragon Green Screen

'We Put The World Before Us'                       2016
d Jane & Louise Wilson   p Film & Video Umbrella
first minute of 15min film
Red Dragon

'UR Feeling'  Simon Martin  30' of 17min filmp FVU   2015
2 x Red Dragon